Why join the ISB ?

Membership of the International Society for Biocuration is open to anyone with an interest in the field of biocuration, including (but not restricted to) curators, database developers, software engineers, Principal Investigators, bioinformaticians, etc.

The ISB was established by members of the biocuration community for the benefit of the biocuration community.  Members help to further establish biocuration as a recognized field and a promising career choice. As well, members contribute to the future direction of our field by participating in the annual biocuration conference.

Here are a few great reasons to become a member of the ISB:

Leadership, Recognition, Awards, Funding

Connecting to the Scientific Community

  • Member Directory (proposed)
  • Representing your Expertise (ongoing)
  • F1000Research – ISB/Biocuration dedicated channel (proposed)
  • Connect with training opportunities (e.g. Goblet, Elixir’s TeSS, Carpentries, etc.)
  • Collaboration potential: “team science” increasingly needs biocuration and related tools; connect with other colleagues for grant proposals
  • Mailing List to 900 individuals (free of cost)
  • Job Postings (free of cost)

Our collective voice promotes, represents, and advocates for you and for science in general

  • Together we promote strong data sharing and interoperability standards, guidance on evaluation of public data sources and databases, Open Science, etc.

Other opportunities to move the field forward

  • Volunteer to serve your community of ISB members:
    • Preparing dissemination materials: e.g. printed material to distribute at conferences, website content, news posts on ISB website, etc.
    • Becoming a member of the Nominations Committee.
    • Serving the community as an officer: Elections Officer, Membership Officer, Outreach Officer.

How to join the ISB

To become a member of the ISB, go to member registration. ‎

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