Biocuration Training Materials

We are continuously collecting training materials related to biocuration. We encourage you to use and share the resources listed below, and we welcome your submissions to share similar materials with the community.

To share your materials, you may use this form or contact us at  In your email please include the title, list of authors, a description about the subject discussed on your resources, the URL where they can be found, the type of license for distribution, and the type of material you wish to distribute; see one of the entries below for an example. Volunteers from the ISB will review your submission and post it to this site as appropriate.

This collection of training materials is being built in collaboration with our colleagues at GOBLET and ELIXIR TeSS. We expect these training materials to eventually be accessible across the three sites, so increasing their visibility and use.


Training Materials:


Title: BD2K Data Science Open Educational Resources (OERs)
Authors: OHSU BD2K team
Description: The OERs cover a variety of topics related to data science and are intended  for use in courses, programs, workshops, and related activities. Modules relevant to biocuration include:

License: CC-BY
Type of Material:  Presentation slides, videos (in BDK12), exercises, and other  resources.


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