The Biocuration Inclusivity Grant

This grant, of up to CHF500, is designed to assist individual ISB members in attending events which they would not otherwise be able to be present at for reasons beyond simple lack of funding for registration, travel and accommodation. Examples include (but are not restricted to):

  • Provision of child/nursing care at either home or at the event
  • Local mobility device hire, or specialist taxi usage
  • A signer or other dedicated audio-visual aids for to assist with hearing or visual impairments

The member may apply to the Executive Committee (EC) at any time throughout the year, writing a brief description (max 1 page) of the event, and why it is relevant to the field of biocuration, the issue which requires addressing and how the funds will be spent. A letter of support from a senior colleague will be appreciated but is not mandatory. The application will be made in confidence and the award decided upon only by members of the EC unless specialist external advice is required. The award will normally be paid out retrospectively, on provision of receipts, but can be funded in advance in exceptional circumstances.

International Society for Biocuration grants are only made subject to the availability of funds and are not guaranteed in any one year. There is no limit to the number of Inclusivity Grants which can be made in any one year, if sufficient funds are available.

Contact us to apply.