Microgrant funding available

Microgrants for Regional Meetings

ISB microgrants are meant to sponsor local and regional short meetings of ISB members to foster synergy of their work efforts, to generate a space to share your work, and to further help to advance the goals of the society.

In the past, microgrants have been used  to fund poster sessions, room rentals, speaker travel costs, attendee accommodation, administrative costs, bus hire, venue hire and more. We would like to encourage the  community to propose ideas related to diversity and inclusion goals as well.

Microgrants are awarded in the amount of 500CHF per group, and applications may be submitted at any time (i.e. no deadlines). If awarded, the group will write a 300-word report informing the ISB membership about the outcomes of the meeting. This report must be sent to isb@biocurator.org no later than 30 days after the end of the meeting. The report will be posted on the website and in the ISB Newsletter. In addition, as part of the microgrant award, we ask that the microgrant recipients promote ISB membership to their community.

To apply, members fill out and sign a short form with a brief description of the purpose of the meeting, its target audience and possible affiliations, including how the meeting will benefit the members of the ISB community. To request and submit the short form, please send an email to the ISB Executive Committee with the subject line ‘ISB microgrants application’.

Past microgrant recipients