Forthcoming Events

The International Biocuration Conference is a unique event for curators and developers of biological databases to discuss their work, promote collaborations, and foster a sense of community in this very active and growing area of research

Post-Covid we aim to hold the International Biocuration Conferences in North/South America, Australia/Asia, or Europe on a rotating basis.

May 10th, 2024
BioCompute Conference

BioCompute is a platform aimed at streamlining communication of bioinformatics analyses between stakeholders and ease the reviewing process at the FDA. This conference serves as a platform to delve into the interoperability among platforms hosting BioCompute Objects (BCOs), exploring the FDA’s “Portal” for reading, writing, and sharing BCOs. Additionally, attendees will gain insights into real-world applications, including their intended use in regulatory submissions, and delve into potential AI/ML-related BCO implementations. This event will be held at the FDA Center, Great Room, White Oak Campus. More information is available here.

April 5-9th, 2025
18th International Biocuration Conference

This will be held at the Stowers Institute for Medical Research, Kansas City, Missouri, US. More information is available here. Some important dates:

  1. Workshops: 5-6th April, 2025
  2. Conference: 7-9th April, 2025

Conference co-organizers: Sofia Robb and Chris Seidel (Stowers Institute for Medical Research).

Conference Organizer Guidelines

Information for current and potential Biocuration Conference organizers is provided in the links below. Please read these documents before applying to host a biocuration conference and before starting to organise the conference.