Travel Fellowship

ISB provides some travel fellowships (1,500 CHF each) to current ISB members. Students, junior curators, curators from low-income countries, and curators from countries suffering from natural disasters are encouraged to apply.


Each travel fellowship will be issued as a 1,500 CHF one-time payment to cover travel expenses (e.g. flight and ground transportation).

  • ISB Travel Fellows will receive the funds after the decision has been taken; organisation of the travel has to be organised by the ISB Travel Fellows themselves.
  • Once notified, ISB Travel Fellows have to register for the conference.

Requirements and procedures

Each applicant for a travel fellowship must satisfy the following conditions:

  • The applicant must be an active ISB member (check here on how to become an ISB Member).
  • Using the official application form, the applicant must explain why s/he is requesting travel funds and how s/he envisions that attending the conference will benefit her/his career (max. 500 words).
  • The applicant must agree to provide a short summary and photo of themselves after attending the conference which will be uploaded to the ISB website and circulated in the ISB Newsletter and other formats
  • Application Deadline: no active call.


The award notification will be sent via email within 4 weeks of the application.

Important dates

  • TBC



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