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Participating groups

BioDBcore is a community effort, aiming at establishing standards for description of database contents. The following groups and registries have participated in the development and implementation of the BioDBcore guidelines.

Participate !

We welcome your input in the BioDBcore specifications. Also, contact us if you have comments or questions about the BioDBcore form at http://www.FAIRsharing.org/biodbcore.

2 thoughts on “Participating groups

  1. Hello.

    The text for the link above to “BRO Biological Resources Ontology” should be corrected to “.BRO Biomedical Resource Ontology”.

    This is not only a syntactical issue, but a semantic one, since according to OECD definition biological resources means
    culturable organisms (e.g. micro-organisms, plant, animal and human cells) and replicable parts of these (e.g. genomes, plasmids, viruses, cDNAs).

    Paolo Romano

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