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Biocuration Exchange Fellowship

The International Society for Biocuration is pleased to announce Luana Licata, from the University of Rome Tor Vergata as the first recipient of the Biocuration Exchange Fellowship. During her fellowship, she will visit the Protein Function Team at EMBL-EBI and the Gene Annotation Team, UCL London, to learn Gene Ontology (GO) annotation.

The Biocuration Exchange Fellowship is a short-term fellowship to promote collaborations and exchanges between groups working in the field of biocuration. The fellowship funds the visit of a biocurator to another laboratory or organization with long experience in biocuration. This visit constitutes a unique opportunity to learn new methods, experience biocuration in different settings and/or in different fields, and to establish mutually beneficial collaborations across groups and disciplines.

More information on Biocuration Exchange Fellowship can be found here.

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