Announcing the recipients of the 2017 Biocuration Awards

It is our great pleasure to announce the
recipients of the 2017 Biocuration Awards:

Dr. Marc Feuermann

Biocuration Career Award 

Dr. Marc Feuermann

SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics.
Marc has been involved in a number of biocuration initiatives over the years, such as the sequence and curation of S.cerevisiae genome, the PAINT project for GO, and UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot.

Dr. Chris Mungall

Exceptional Contributions to Biocuration Award 

Dr. Chris Mungall

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
Chris has dedicated his professional career to assisting the capture, computational integration and operation, and dissemination of data. He plays a leading role in the development and integration of key biological ontologies and databases covering gene function, anatomy, phenotypes and the environment. His work is impactful on science and society at large, and is used by many people spanning a broad spectrum from clinical to basic research, bridging across diverse disciplines such as genomics, systems biology, paleontology, and environmental health.

Our most sincere congratulations to Marc and Chris!


Best regards,

Your colleagues at the ISB Executive Committee, and
the 2017 Biocuration Awards Committee

The 2017 Biocuration Awards Committee are:
Sylvain Poux – Chair
Rose Oughtred
Mary Ann Tuly
Helen Parkinson
Marc Robinson-Rechavi
Yvonne Bradford
Robin Haw

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