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2017 Biocuration Awards – Call for Nominations

The International Society for Biocuration
announces the
2017 Biocuration Awards 

ISB is happy to announce that in 2017 we plan to give two different awards to people who have made a significant impact in the field of biocuration. We welcome your nominations!


1) Award for Exceptional Contributions to Biocuration
ISB’s Exceptional Contributions Award recognizes a person who is a leader or a pioneer in the field of biocuration, and whose work has been fundamental to the advancement of biocuration. 

2) Biocuration Career Award
The Biocuration Career Award recognizes biocurators in non-leadership positions who have made sustained contributions to the field of biocuration. Those who hold Principal Investigator or Group Leader positions are not eligible for the Biocuration Career Award.

Each award recipient will be invited to present a talk at the
2017 International Biocuration Conference,
with all expenses paid by ISB.

Nomination process: 

Nominations will be reviewed by the 2017 ISB Awards Committee, comprised of one member of the ISB’s Executive Committee (ISB-EC) and six (6) additional members from the wider research community; these members were nominated by the ISB-EC based on diversity in area of expertise, organization type, role, and geographic location. 

Who can nominate and/or be nominated? 
  • Any currently active ISB member may nominate anyone in the field of biocuration, whether the potential nominee is a member of ISB or not. 
  • Members of the ISB can make no more than 1 nomination per award. 
  • Current members of the Executive Committee or the ISB Award Committee are not eligible for the awards.
  • Self-nominations will not be considered. 
How to submit a nomination:
  • Nominations should be sent via email to the awards committee at intsocbio@gmail.com with the subject line “Biocuration Awards Nominations”.
  • The nomination email should contain all the following fields:
    Nominator details: name, e-mail and affiliation, member of ISB
    Nominee details: name, e-mail and affiliation
    Type of award nomination: either Exceptional Contributions to Biocuration or Biocuration Career Award
    Short list of scholarly contributions: a maximum of 50 words
    Brief description of why you are recommending this person: a maximum of 350 words
Deadline for submitting nominations:  Friday 6-January-2017

The 2017 Biocuration Awards Committee are:
Sylvain Poux (Chair)
Rose Oughtred
Mary Ann Tuly
Helen Parkinson
Marc Robinson-Rechavi
Yvonne Bradford
Robin Haw

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