The results of the 2018 Elections of the ISB Executive Committee are in!

Congratulations to
Frederic Bastian, Sandra Orchard, Jane Lomax and Mary-Ann Tuli

Thank you to the ISB members who participated in this year’s election. A total of 97 members voted, out of the 198 current ISB members (49%).

Welcome Frederic, Jane and Mary-Ann as new members, and congratulations to Sandra for your re-election to a second term. Frederic, Jane and Mary-Ann will fill three open positions when the terms of Ceci Arighi, Suzi Lewis and Zhang Zhang come to completion on 31-October-2018.

Please join us in thanking Ceci, Suzi and Zhang for all their work over the past years!

We would like to also express our sincere gratitude to Lei Lui, who who considered volunteering his time as part of the ISB-EC this year.

We are also very grateful with the following ISB members who volunteered their time for a successful execution of the 2018 EC election:

2018 Nominating Committee:

  • Mike Cherry (Chair)
  • Fiona McCarthy
  • Lilly Winfree
  • Sue Bello
  • Luana Licata

Thank you again for participating in the 2018 ISB electoral process!

Your Colleagues at the ISB Executive Committee

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