EBI Training: A guide to molecular interactions


During this webinar, we will give you an introduction to molecular interactions and how to find these through the molecular interaction database IntAct. We will show you examples of how you can search for interaction data, how to create molecular interaction networks using our network viewer based on Cytoscape.js and how to download this data for further analysis.

We will also have a quick look at two other resources, PSICQUIC and IMEx, that integrate molecular interactions from several sources.

Who is this course for?

This webinar is aimed at students or early researchers beginning to use bioinformatics resources in their studies/research who wish to learn more about molecular interactions and IntAct. No prior knowledge of bioinformatics is required, but undergraduate level knowledge of biology would be useful.


By the end of the webinar you will be able to:

Explain what molecular interactions are
Describe what IntAct can be used for
Search for interaction data

26 May 2021

15:30 – 16:30 ( BST )

Online and Free

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