1st UK-Local Biocuration Conference Programme

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Thursday 5th May
09:00 Registration
09:30 Welcome
09:35 Keynote Lecture
Chair: Rachael Huntley
Connecting data to accelerate disease researchMelanie Courtot
10:10 Data Standards and Ontologies (FAIR) Session
Chair: Rachael Huntley
10:10 Dataset publishing to improve journal article transparency and reproducibility – Chris Hunter
10:25 The role of validation in data curation – a Human Cell Atlas Data Coordination Platform case study – Enrique Sapena Ventura
10:40 FAIR Dataset Maturity – Ibrahim Emam
10:55 Challenges in standardization of Omics Data: Our Perspective – Sanjanaa Jeevandass
11:10 Refreshments
11:30 Community Curation Session I
Chair: Sandra Orchard
APICURON: attribution, quantification and real-time tracking of biocuration activity to promote
engagement – Damiano Piovesan

11:45 Software, Applications and Systems in Biocuration Session I
Chair: Sandra Orchard
11:45 SequenceServer 2.0: Improving BLAST visualization and analysis for unpublished or proprietary data – Carlo Kroll
12:00 Using Open Data and Reproducible Methodologies to Create an Global Inventory of Data Resources – Heidi Imker
12:15 ProtVar: Protein Coding Variant Annotation – James Stephenson
12.30 In Remembrance of Tony Sawford
12:40 Lunch & Poster Session
12:40 Poster Session
Data Standards and Ontologies (FAIR) Posters
Software, Applications and Systems in Biocuration Posters

14:00 Parallel workshops
Defining biocuration activities (Damien Piovesan – Apicuron)
– FAIR and Industry (Rachael Huntley – SciBite)
– Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (Mary-Ann Tuli – ISB)
16:00 Refreshments
16:20 Software, Applications and Systems in Biocuration Session II
Chair: Sandra Orchard
16:20 Towards Effortless Navigation of Scientific-Literature Screen Reading for Biocuration – Sucheta Ghosh (Presenting via Zoom)
16:35 Semantic digitization of experimental data: from information retrieval to biological discovery – Pratibha Gour (Presenting via Zoom)
16:50 Identifying clinically relevant biomarkers for paediatric cancers using text mining – Jake Lever
17:05 Wikidata Bib: a system for biocuration with analytics based on Wikidata – Tiago Lubiana
17:20 Updates from ISB
Chair: Sandra Orchard
International Society for Biocuration (ISB): mission and goals in 2022 – Federica Quaglia
17:30 Networking at Hinxton Hall
18:30 Conference dinner at Hinxton Hall

Friday 6th May
09:30 Welcome
09:35 Keynote Lecture
Chair: Yasmin Alam-Faruque
Preventing death from critical Covid using biological data: the Outbreak Data Analysis Platform (ODAP) – Kenneth Baillie
10:10 Community Curation Session II
Chair: Arzu Ozturk Colak
10:10 BiCIKL – A community effort towards connected molecular, natural history collections, taxonomic data and literature – Joana Pauperio
10:25 JaponicusDB, creating a community sustainable Model Organism Database – Valerie Wood
10:40 Refreshments
11:05 Data Curation Session I
Chair: Ruth Lovering
11:05 PRIDE Resources: Data deposition and dissemination – Deepti Jaiswal Kundu
11:20 More than the sum of its parts? Capturing, presenting and utilising gene product functional information at FlyBase – Helen Attrill
11:35 Refining the UniProtKB human proteome – Michele Magrane
11:50 Rfam, curating families with 3D structures – Nancy Ontiveros
12:05 Decoding Factors Inducing Perturbations in Biomolecular Networks: Data from the IMEx Consortium – Kalpana Panneerselvam
12:30 Lunch & Poster Session
12:30 Poster Session
Community Curation Posters
Data Curation Posters
14:00 Parallel workshops
Curate your Career (Arzu Ozturk-Colak – ISB)
– ELIXIR training resource collection (Alexandra Holinski – EBI Training Team)
16:00 Refreshments
16:20 Data Curation Session II
Chair: Arzu Ozturk Colak
16:20 Organ Anatomograms in Single Cell Expression Atlas – Silvie Fexova
16:35 Gene Ontology annotation of microRNAs – Ruth Lovering
16:50 The Global Biodata Coalition: Update and Progress – Chuck Cook
17:05 Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at ISB
Chair: Arzu Ozturk Colak
A presentation of the work of the ISB’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee – Mary-Ann Tuli
17:15 Poster and presentation prizes and conference close

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