Election Officer Role

The Election Officer has the main role of overseeing the election process so it remains independent of the Executive Committee and it is fair.

The roles and responsibilities of the election officer are:

  1. Become familiar with the election process timeline
  2. Oversee election process (1 week)
  3. Become familiar with election platform and get credentials
  4. Monitor incoming emails from ISB for any task needed, including adding missing voters as a large number of registrations will occur close to the elections 
  5. Launch election (set to start automatically, just check that it happened)
  6. Check that reminders to vote are being sent
  7. Collect results and submit to ISB mail intsocbio@gmail.com by the deadline

The Election Officer should ensure availability during mid-September to mid-October, or inform the Exec Committee of their expected absence as soon as possible.

Strong work ethics and confidentiality are a must.