Randi Vita – ISB EC 2019 candidate

Current position: Lead Ontology and Quality Manager

Affiliation: La Jolla Institute for Allergy & Immunology


I began working as a Scientific Curator at the Immune Epitope Database in 2005, where I since transitioned into Senior Scientific Curator, followed by Data Quality Control and Assurance Manager, and am now presently the Lead Ontology and Quality Manager. When I began in 2005, I was completely new to the new field of biocuration. Since that time, I have become fully invested in this field, watching it become a well -established career, while at the same time making it my chosen career path. I have played diverse roles throughout my career, giving me insights into the many aspects of biocuration. This past year, I participated in the inaugural Postgraduate Certificate in Biocuration course at The University of Cambridge, wanting to learn as much as I can from other’s expertise. Prior to working in this field, my education is that of a medical doctor (M.D.) with specialization in the field of immunology. I completed both clinical and basic research post-doctoral studies before working in the biotech industry. My research areas include rheumatology, allergy, and T cell signaling. Like many people drawn into biocuration, I found that I had an affinity for working with data and felt a duty to make scientific data publicly available and usable.


I am motivated to run for the ISB Executive Committee due to a desire to give back to the biocuration community in general and to the ISB specifically. Having worked in this field for 14 years, I have very much enjoyed and benefited from the annual International Biocuration Conferences, as well as the resources the ISB provides, including an ISB exchange fellowship. I greatly appreciate all that the ISB does for this field. I have met wonderful people, established long lasting valuable collaborations, hired new exceptional people, and learned a great deal through these affiliations and conferences. I am eager to participate and do my part to support this community. I am particularly interested in outreach and education. I hope to reach out to biocuration communities that are currently unaware of or not involved with the ISB, such as biocurators working in the private sector and those working in countries or communities that are not well represented by our current members. I am also invested in the education of future biocurators, having recently participated in the Postgraduate Certificate in Biocuration course at The University of Cambridge. I hope to continue the promotion of the education of new biocurators, as well as increase outreach into university settings, recruiting and training future biocurators.

Conflicts of interest and other commitments

I have no conflicts of interest to declare.