Mary Ann Tuli

Candidate: Mary Ann Tuli
Current position: Data Editor – GigaScience Journal
Affiliation: BGI – Hong Kong

I worked both as a curator and a curator coordinator of the European Nucleotide Archive for 12 years, firstly in EMBL, Heidelberg, and then at EMBL-EBI, Cambridge, UK. For the following 12 years I was the genetics curator for the Model Organism Database, WormBase, initially within the Sanger Institute (Cambridge, UK) team and in the latter years within the CalTech (CA, USA) team.
Since 2017 I have worked as a Data Editor for the journal GigaScience.

Motivations for a position on the ISB Executive Committee:
The Executive Committee (EC) brings together the experience, expertise and enthusiasm of Biocurators who share the desire to promote the field of biocuration. I am standing for re-election for a further term on the ISB EC, having been elected in 2018.

As a member of the Training and Outreach committee I contribute to the content of the ISB website and am responsible for the editing and production of the ISB newsletter. I also ensure that job adverts are posted to the website and to the members’ mailing list.

As a member of the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) subcommittee I have taken a leading role in our goal of promoting equality, diversity and inclusion across the Society and the broader community. If I am re-elected I pledge to continue to sit on these sub-committees as the work is on-going and I feel my contribution is a benefit to the EC and the ISB.

I had only been working for GigaScience Journal for a short while before I joined the EC. With three more years experience I now have a broader understanding of the world of open data publishing for transparency and reproducibility, that I can bring to the EC.

Conflicts of interest: