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18th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2019)

The International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC) is the premier venue for presenting fundamental research, innovative technology, and applications concerning semantics, data, and the Web. It is the most important international venue to discuss and present latest advances and applications of the semantic Web, knowledge graphs, linked data, ontologies and artificial intelligence (AI) on the Web.

When: October 26-30, 2019
Where: Auckland, New Zealand


Topics include:

  • data integration and data fusion platforms, integrated bio-search
  • grid and clouds applications and platforms
  • data analysis in biomedicine
  • Structural bioinformatics and computational biochemistry
  • Omics and Inter-Omics data integration

When: November 11-13, 2019
Where: Fisciano Campus, University of Salerno, Italy

Rocky Bioinformatics

The seventeenth annual Rocky Mountain Bioinformatics Conference is a meeting of the International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB). The conference is intended to be a productive opportunity to meet researchers, students and industrial users of bioinformatics technology.

The Rocky series began seventeen years ago as a regional conference, and has grown into an international program with a spotlight on regional development in the computational biosciences. The presenters of the Rocky conference are scientists representing a broad spectrum of universities, industrial enterprises, government laboratories, and medical libraries from around the world. The meeting is a chance to get to know your colleagues near and far, seek collaborative opportunities, and find synergies that can drive our field forward.

When: December 5-7, 2019
Where: Aspen/Snowmass, CO, USA


SWAT4(HC)LS (Semantic Web Applications and Tools for Healthcare and Life Sciences) is a venue for presenting and discussing novel ideas, experiences and issues in the application of semantic and web technologies in the biomedical domain at large.

When: December 9-12, 2019
Where: Edinburgh, UK

Curating Clinical Genome

Curating the Clinical Genome conference will be of interest to a wide group of medical genomics researchers, clinicians practicing genomic medicine, companies developing solutions for clinical genomics and researchers interested in genomic data sharing.

When: May 20-22, 2020
Where: Wellcome Genome campus, Hinxton, UK

International Conference on information-communication technologies enhanced Social Sciences and Humanities (ICTeSSH 2020)

ICTeSSH 2020 is a three-day conference where stakeholders come together for an open discussion to talk about the changing research ecosystem in SSH fields in the digital age due to the extremely fast development of ICT. A Call for papers has been published. The organisers are looking for three types of contribution: presentations on ICT tools and digital infrastructures, research papers, and technical papers. The language of the conference will be English.

When: June 29 – July 01, 2020
Where: Amsterdam, NL

International Conference on Biomedical Ontologies (ICBO) 2020

The International Conference on Biomedical Ontologies (ICBO) is a premier annual conference series that brings together researchers, students and professionals involved in the development and application of ontologies in all areas of biology, medicine, diseases, human health, genome biology, environment, biomes, nutrition, food, plants, agriculture and others.

This year, ICBO will be run jointly with Ontologies and Data for the Life Sciences (ODLS), an annual workshop series that focuses on data management and data processing in the life sciences and in health care, covering the overall spectrum of biomedical information management, from experimental data acquisition and preprocessing across analysis, structuring and interpretation of data, up to developing structured representations of knowledge, in particular in the form of ontologies, with their various applications.

When: September, 16 – 19 2020
Where: Bozen-Bolzano, Italy

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