Caio Cesar de Carvalho

Candidate: Caio Cesar de Carvalho
Current Position: Faculty Research
Affiliation: University of Nevada – Reno

After I finished my PhD in Comparative Biology at University of Sao Paulo(Brazil) and Iowa State University (USA) I was hired as a Senior Scientist by Johnson & Johnson to lead a punctual project in dermocosmetics development where I could help to curate the formulas
database of the company. In 2017 I became a professor for Nursing and Nutritions school teaching pharmacology and biochemistry and since 2020 I’m working as a bio curator at University of Nevada – Reno (USA) for a new version for ThYme platform (Thioesterases database).

Motivations for a position on the ISB Executive Committee:
Well, before that I know ISB I thought that I was alone!
I’ve been slowly transitioning from traditional biochemistry labs to computational works and the biocuration started to seem pretty attractive for me. The opportunity to work closely and know better other jobs and people with the same passion cheers me up!
I started in biocuration before I even know that existed. In 2013, I was supervised by Dr. Peter Reilly (Iowa State University) during a project to infer tribes for certain types of proteins (Carbohydrate Biding Modules – CBM). During this project, I was responsible for gathering all available information about CMBs and organized the data for further analysis.
I had the opportunity to work as a consultant in few projects with some interaction with biocuration as:
– Compare fungi population before and after a wildfire in a forest park in Sao Paulo – Brazil using molecular identification
– phylogenetic analysis of microorganisms with a potential ability to convert biomass into biofuel
In 2016-2017 I was responsible for curate the information about formulas and making assessments of ingredients to feed an internal database in a pharmaceutical company. Currently, I’m working on a multidisciplinary project for thyoesterases database at University of Nevada – Reno, USA.

I may not have a huge experience but you can count with my enthusiasm. This is the reason that I’m here as a candidate. I’ll be truly happy if I could make part of ISB team because I believed that ISB could be more broadly know.

Conflicts of interest: