The 16th International Biocuration Conference will be held in Padova, Italy during the first quarter of 2023. 

The Conference Organising Committee are:
Federica Quaglia, National Research Council (CNR-IBIOM), Italy (Chair)
Ruth Lovering, University College London, UK (Co-chair)
Charles Tapley Hoyt, University of Harvard, USA (Co-chair)
Caio Carvalho, University of Nevada, USA
Philippe Le Mercier, SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, Switzerland
Tiago Lubiana, University of São Paulo, Brazil
Monica Munoz-Torres, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, USA
Paola Roncaglia, Self employed, Italy
Deepak Unni, European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Germany

The Scientific Committee are:
Frederique Lisacek, SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, Switzerland (Chair)
Luana Licata, Human Technopole and University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy (Co-chair)
Michael Baudis, Universität Zürich, Switzerland
Marc Gillespie, St. John’s University, USA
Jennifer Harrow, AstraZeneca, UK
Carsten Kettner, Beilstein-Institut, Germany
Deepti Kundu, EMBL-EBI, UK
Nicholas Miliaras, U.S. National Library of Medicine, USA
Livia Perfetto, Human Technopole, Italy
Sabrina Toro, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campu, USA
Peter Uetz, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA



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